About Us

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What is the Family Justice Center?

The Family Justice Center of Ouachita Parish (FJC) is a one-stop information and service center here to serve those seeking assistance in domestic violence or teen dating situations, for sexual assault or stalking. We have worked throughout Northeast Louisiana to form collaborative partnerships to end Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Teen Dating Violence and Stalking.  The office is located at 620 Riverside Drive in Monroe, LA.

The FJC’s goal is to make services more accessible to victims of these crimes by locating together:

• Social Workers- housing, food, childcare & job search assistance
• Clergy
• Counselors
• Medical personnel
• Civil legal assistance
{protection orders, divorce, child custody/support, etc.}
• Law enforcement
• Prosecutors
• Community volunteers

Our Mission

To provide a safe and accessible, central intake and service center for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking to receive comprehensive, coordinated community services.

Services available at the FJC:

• Safety Planning
• Domestic Violence Education
• Assistance with obtaining protective orders
• Counseling for survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault
{and for children who have witnessed domestic violence}
• Referral to safe, confidential emergency shelters or housing
• Referral to legal assistance
• Assistance with medical care and prescriptions
• Child care and transportation while receiving services at FJC
• Dating Violence Education
• Food vouchers
• Chaplain services
• Translation services
• Financial empowerment
• Law enforcement reports
• Interviews with Assistant District Attorney
• Financial Assistance

Individuals seeking assistance at the FJC may choose to use any/all of these services (subject to availability). All services are free and confidential.

Our History

Domestic violence in Northeast Louisiana is a community concern that is a blow to us all. In 1988, the SAFE (Stopping Abusive Family Environments) Task Force was formed by agencies in Ouachita Parish. In 2005, those agencies formed the Family Justice Center of Ouachita, making the parish a safer place.

The Family Justice Center of Ouachita was one of the first 15 centers in the nation to receive a grant under President Bush’s initiative, as well as the first to operate in the state of Louisiana.

The FJC uses co-location, a national best practice that puts agencies that serve victims under one roof, making it easier for those who need services to get them while batterers are held accountable for their actions. Since the center opened in 2005, rates of reports of domestic and dating violence have fallen by 47.6% (2,873 in 2004 vs 1,505 in 2012). Further, far more victims receive services, as shown by the 20.6% increase in persons served (557 in 2012 vs. 462 in 2006) since the first full year the FJC was operational.