Dating Violence Awareness Month


Teen dating violence


Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month is observed each February to raise awareness and provide education on preventing teen dating violence.


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Each year, approximately one in four teens reports being the victim of dating violence which can include physical abuse, stalking, emotional abuse, or sexual violence, according to the U.S. Dept. of Justice. Women ages 16 to 24 experience the highest rates of rape and sexual assault, and people ages 18 and 19 experience the highest rates of stalking. One in five high school girls has been physically or sexually abused, not by a stranger, but by a dating partner. Teen dating violence is often unnoticed by parents and even unrecognized as abnormal by those teens experiencing it. No local statistics are collected singling out teens who are victims of dating violence; however school employees typically comment to Wellspring staff that they fear it’s a common occurrence among their students. “I see couples walking down the halls with the boys holding the girls by the back of the neck,” one said in 2010.

If you have decided to stay in a relationship that has been violent in the past, it is always best to have a safety plan in place, click here for more information.

Equality in a relationship is very important.  Take a few minutes and educate yourself on what it means to have equality, click here for more information.

How educated are you on the facts about teen dating violence? There are many myths and facts on domestic violence and teen relationship abuse.  Click here to take a quick quiz and see how aware you are.

10 Teen Dating Abuse Facts

The basics of teen dating abuse

Each February the Family Justice Center, a partner of The Wellspring, schedules activities to raise awareness of teen dating violence which include:

• Free presentations upon request anywhere in Northeast Louisiana on dating violence and sexual assault awareness to students;
• Free trainings upon request anywhere in Northeast Louisiana for groups, churches and teachers on how to recognize and respond to teen dating violence;
• Radio ads will air about teen dating violence awareness; and
• The SAFE Dates curriculum is offered to teens as part of health education classes in several area high schools.
To request print copies of materials or request speakers contact 318.998.6030 or 318.651.9314. To get help with teen dating violence call 318.998-6030 or 1.888.411.1333