(L-R): SANEs Patti McFadden, Stephanie Gullette, Chris Phillipbar (FNE in Shreveport), Stacy King and Theresa Daniel.  Medical Services Award of Excellence presented to Dr. Terri O’Neal and SANE of Ouachita.

(L-R): SANEs Patti McFadden, Stephanie Gullette, Chris Phillipbar (FNE in Shreveport), Stacy King and Theresa Daniel. Medical Services Award of Excellence presented to Dr. Terri O’Neal and SANE of Ouachita.

What is the SART?

The Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART) is a team of people from the following five disciplines: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) and other medical personnel, law enforcement, advocacy, counseling and prosecution. They work together to respond immediately to the needs of sexual assault victims in Ouachita Parish. The group also provides a coordinated community response to sexual assault by working together to coordinate their efforts to better serve those coping with the aftermath of a sexual assault as well as to more effectively collect evidence and prosecute offenders.

How SART Sets Us Apart:

The benefit of a SART approach to responding to sexual assault is based on three facts. First, that sexual assault is a problem that affects the entire community. Second, that the physical and emotional well being of a sexual assault survivor is important to the community. And third, that it’s important to the community that professionals who care for sexual assault survivors and prosecute attackers get social training to learn how to properly collect forensic evidence. This ensures a higher reporting and conviction rate of offenders. The SART concept also allows for more coordinated handling of the various tasks that are a part of responding.

How a SART Team helps following an assault:

As soon as an assault is reported, a police officer is sent to the scene. At the same time a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) nurse and a Sexual Assault Volunteer Advocate (SAVA) are called to a quiet, comfortable and private location where a forensic medical exam will be performed to document any injuries and collect any material that might serve as evidence in the event the survivor chooses to prosecute the perpetrator. When the survivor arrives, he or she is examined, and evidence is collected. The nurse who conducts the exam is available to testify in court if the survivor chooses to prosecute the perpetrator. The SAVA provides support throughout the exam as well as offering information about confidential aftercare resources. The police ensure the survivor’s safety and then conduct a thorough investigation of the crime. The survivor is treated with dignity and respect throughout. The appropriate authorities receive evidence that has been collected in a consistent, professional and objective manner. A team member may accompany and support the survivor during medical and legal proceedings.

To find out more about SART, contact any SART member agency:


St. Francis Medical Center
The Wellspring Counseling and Family Development Center
Family Justice Center – Ouachita

Family Justice Center Partner Agencies:

4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office
4th Judicial District Courts/Probation and Parole
Big Brothers Big Sisters of NELA
Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana
First Baptist Church of Monroe, LA
Legal Services of North Louisiana
Louisiana Delta Community College
Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services
University Health
Monroe City Schools
Monroe and West Monroe City Police Depts.
Ouachita Parish Coroner’s Office/SART
Morehouse/Ouachita Parish District Attorney’s Office
Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office
Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Domestic Violence Unit
Ouachita Parish Police Jury
Office of Community Services
Primary Health Services Center
Seeker Springs
St. Francis Medical Center
The Wellspring Alliance for Families
University Health
University of Louisiana at Monroe

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